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    Sea Doo RXTX Race ski ready for Mark Hahn

    2008 SeaDoo Rxt X Race Ski built and maintained by Steve Friebe of Clawson Motorsports. This ski has reached 80mph with a 4 blade impeller and 78.5mph with a 3 blade impeller.

    This ski was retrofitted with the larger X model pump shoe for better hookup. Along with this modification the ski was stripped on the inside and additional fiberglass was laid into the pump tunnel "and" the stern of the hull to provide reinforcement for X pump modification.

    Brand New engine, Ferrea Valves and Riva Intercooler just installed with test time only. This Ski is race ready and would be great for the upcoming Mark Hahn 300. Quick fuel 10 gallon jugs with red heads and female red head with mounting bracket for ski and pwc cart are available and make this a turn key package for endurance racing

    Mini rude supercharger
    Ferrea valves
    Rotax 8800 race ecu
    Riva Gen 3 inter cooler with solid tubes
    Custom air intak manifold
    Riva rising rate fuel pressure regulator
    Riva Water box and custom mini water box
    Riva thru hull exhaust
    Open loop cooling
    Electic nozzle trim up and down
    Riva adjustable knozzle
    Worx racing intake grate
    Hull extensions in place of O.P.A.S.
    Lifter wedges
    Hydro turf mates
    Hydro turf seat cover
    Carbon fiber rear seat for rear air intake
    4" air intake
    Steel braided throttle cable
    Aluminum 7 gal additional fuel cell installed in ski
    Fully machined aluminum steering column and base imported from Europe $1750.00
    Star bars
    ODI gripes
    Custom pump with wet bearings
    Three Impros impellers

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	1654443_1383433771919765_408619109_n.jpg 
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ID:	345316Click image for larger version. 

Name:	39090_1504111077243_706372_n.jpg 
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Name:	46440_1544014674808_4393306_n.jpg 
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Name:	20141029_103022.jpg 
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    For further questions please call my cell phone at 916-761-0901

    Price $10,500
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    I have raced against this ski several times on my ski in my avatar. This ski is FAST, QUICK AND HOOKS UP! Don't let the speeds fool you, it's not set up for top speed, it's set up for endurance rough water challenges...

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    Yeah ...not all about speed ...

    ocean an enduro needs hook up , unless dead flat

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    Buuuuump ive ran against it too

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    New Price $10,500

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