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Thread: Fish keep bags

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    Cool Fish keep bags

    For all you offshore guys, what bags are you using to keep your catch? My cooler on the back is getting too small. Looking into a keep bag that can be filled with ice that goes on the side of the ski?

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    This one is pretty nice. I have one and use it weekly.

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    Salt on you ice keeps it colder for longer, add it to keep it from melting as quickly

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    That doesnt make sense, since they salt the roads here when it snows to melt the ice.....

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    Dissolved salts have a lower freezing temp then pure water. When unsalted snow melts, it makes fresh water, then re-freezes and creates ice. Salt on ice will eventually melt but wont freeze, thats why the ocean doesn't freeze in either of the polar caps..

    Try this sometime, get your beer cooler the next time on the water, and sprinkle a handfull of salt on the ice. Let it sit for a little bit and your beer will be colder then cold. You'll see what i mean when you put your hands in it. In fact, you might even freeze your beer if you go overboard with the ice water and salt.

    When i go commercial spearfishing well load up with a 600+ lb of fish. One way to make the ice last is with a brine. If we dont have any salt, we just use salt water...

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    Hey have'nt you ever made or cranked a ice-cream maker ... you always add salt to the ice on the outside of the bucket freezer as you crank it ! LOL

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