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    2009 Speedster 150 Start up

    Have a 2009 Speedster 150 non turbo that seems to turn over very slow when starting. It seems like the battery is week or doesn't have enough power. It always seems to start up, but if we shut it down after running, it will struggle to get started. The battery was fully charged and checked to be good, but I have not yet replaced the battery. That's my next step. Is this normal for this boat/engine?


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    I would check both Red+ from battery and to starter. I have see them go bad especially if your in saltwater. Also all grounds on front of block.

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    you need to determine what the actual battery voltage is at the starter when cranking.

    Gain access to the starter solenoid and put your hot lead on the line going to the starter. Crank the engine and check that voltage. Should be 10-11v

    Then check the resistance between the hot line going to the starter and engine ground. Should be less then 2 ohms.

    Check the resistance from the battery negative post to ground. Should be one ohm or less.

    You will need a digital voltmeter( do they even sell the other kind anymore? :-}

    once the engine is running ( with water supply) check the battery voltage, should be 13v+

    If charging is marginal and the engine and starter hot, there may not be enough juice left to crank it over.

    Check the battery ends carefully, often there is hidden corrosion.

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