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    Buying advice...

    I am planning on purchasing a RXP-X, RXT-X, and a triton trailer for the 2015 spring season. I am in Southern California, but I am willing to drive a few hundred miles for a good deal.

    Can you let me know what a good price off of MSRP would be, and any other purchasing tips would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your help, looking forward to becoming part of the sea doo family.

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    If you are looking for a deal, buy used. That is the only advice I have.

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    If you want a great 2 seater buy the RXPX 2012 and up with t3 hull the ski is like a 500 cc trail bike on water. Sorry can't offer any opinion on price but I am sure others will chime in.

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    I bought a 2014 RXP-X here in So Cal for 12500 brand new. They may have a few left?? It also came with 4 year warranty.

    I bought the 2014 because I didn't like the new color for 2015. If your interested in the 14 PM and I'll give you the info on it.

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