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    Towing a Yamaha FX HO or any other PWC in the water

    I have been reading about towing PWC's in the water and the danger of flooding the engine. Why do they not put water cutoff valve on one from the factory? Is it because the owner would probably forget to open the valve back up? Anyway here is a description of an aftermarket valve for that purpose.--------------Click image for larger version. 

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    This is what PWC manufactures don't want you to know! I've often wondered why all the manufactures Yamaha, Seadoo, Kawasaki, Honda, Polaris, etc.. do not install a valve to shut off the cooling water supply to the engine.

    What I heard is shocking. Imaging this, You are a proud new owner of your PWC and while riding the engine suddenly dies. Luckily you find someone who can tow you back to your trailer. You take the ski to the dealer, since it's under warranty, right?

    Next day you get a call from the dealer saying sorry you're not covered under the warranty since the engine is full of water and water intrusion is not covered under warranty. They are looking at you like you sunk it and now you want them to fix it for free..

    The Facts. The water actually flooded your engine after the failure and only because you were towing it. You were told when you bought the ski that you need to have it running while flushing the engine on a hose. Well the same is true while towing. While towing water is forced up though the cooling passages of the engine and dumped into the exhaust where normally the exhaust pressure blows the water out the exhaust. Without the engine running the water continues to build up in the exhaust until it completely fills the exhaust and flows up the exhaust pipe, into the exhaust manifold and floods the engine completely full of water.

    The Solution. Install a WaveEater Tow Valve on the incoming water line.
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    Shut-off valve for use when being towed is indeed an excellent addition. It must be installed inline in the correct water feed hose, which varies depending on the brand and model.

    The actual valve can be sourced from various suppliers, it just needs to be robust and light weight. A heavy valve will tend to bounce around while riding in rough water. The valve shown looks the same as the Antelco irrigation valves I use, which are also sold for aquarium and other uses.

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    A pair of locking pliers (vice grips) will pinch off the hose. SeaDoo has put red tape on the correct hose, check your owners manual.

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    I towed vx and fx skis for almost 10 years and never blocked off any lines. Just keep it under 35-40 and youll be fine. Seadoos and other skis are different...4 stroke yamis...tow away

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    what about 2 stroke Yammis? like the Xlt1200? I towed mine for about 10mins doing 5-10mph this season & had no issues restarting. did the same last year for about 45mins with my Raider, started right up NP.

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    Every ski is different. Some can some cant, some need lines blocked. The initial question was about an fx ski, throwing "or any other ski" is kind of a loaded question.

    Youll need to be model specific and year specific if you are trying to get the "any other ski" answer...

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    So a 2008 FX SHO is safe to tow without a shut off valve?

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    Yes it is safe to tow. Keep it under 35 and youll be fine

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