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    Question Brisk Spark Plugs

    Hi guys, has anyone used, or have anything to say about these "Brisk" spark plugs.
    I understand NGK's are the preferred plug for the MSX family (and others) but has anyone used them and had anything good (bad) to say.

    Cheers weiry

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    Well, which specific version of a Brisk manufacture spark plug are you asking about?

    Brisk makes a wide range of designs, ranging from traditional to unusual.

    I am skeptical regarding the claims for the non-traditional designs, especially as it might translate to a carbureted 2-stroke engine. The Polaris OEM specified NGK spark plugs are well understood and know to be consistent and reliable when used in the Polaris engines.

    My general opinion regarding 'unusual' spark plugs can be found here.

    The Brisk web site is, as one might expect, stuffed full of marketing speak and broad claims. Not so much in terms of actual test data and very thin on the details of the testing. Engine testing tends to be eye wateringly specific with many notes and specifics. Broad hand waving 'test results' mean nothing. Without actual links to the actual test procedures and full testing info, it is simply marketing.

    Testimonials are of little value as any product seller can find users who found improvements. Whether the old spark plugs had issues or other engine changes were made at the same time, who knows?

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