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    99 gtx ltd started bogging give it a bit goes dies goes

    In some choppy stuff today went bit to hard couple of hard knocks started bogging then pick up bog pick up usually fev the throttle and fires up but got worse as I came in off the ocean like there's a fuel blockage. Tank cleaned out couple of years ago use very regularly fuel lines done selecter cleaned new filters inc carby filters carbys pulled down and cleaned by good jet mech battery new and always on maintainer checked leads and caps all good touched one of the leads while flushing got zapped will check plugs and leads in the morn for cracks etc. after that ?

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    Checked leads and plugs plugs fine leads are a bit stiff but intact plug caps one of them is showing signs of splits but not all the way through where I have squeezed it with pliers to close up plug connection inside so it snaps onto plug but has been like this for a while its not zapping me now so go for a run let you know will ask for help when I run out of knowledge.

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    Yep all good never been better thank obscene word for that caps that screw onto tip of spark plugs weren't entirely loose but not tight anyway something was shorting out but some contact cleaner and a fiddle and retighten of leads into caps etc. was all was needed.

    Am going to source some new leads and caps these are quite stiff (not sure if they are supposed to be) and seeing as leads are a consumable maintenance item on cars if these are original then some crisp new wiring might give it a bit more bite.
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    always good when its an easy fix. i loved my 99GTXL. if you havent yet change out the grey fuel lines as well.

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    Yeah I've done the fuel lines and carbs inc all filters one of the 1st things done when I got it.
    Was shutting down then would start straight away no bogging cut 1/4 inch off leads and screwed into the caps were only pushed in and zip tied problem solved.
    2 years happy days now recently doing this thought was fixed but today same as couple of weeks ago its like the run last week didn't happen and all was good????

    Bogs unless you feather the throttle then when it hits power band off she goes no problem but as soon as the revs drop below bout 4300 below power band bogs and it zaps me when I touch the plug cap with minor cracks in it also sounds like a bit of a back fire every few cycles and pull the choke and almost instantly stalls so plenty of fuel but symtoms suggest lack of fuel.

    I'm thinking new leads and caps and why it comes good with more revs is there is more current to earth out and get a spark?

    Any info would be great cheers.

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    So ski goes to mechanic usual yearly service both diaframs in carbys replaced compression is 140 110 not good news. Go for a run still bogging then comes good sweet all good for 1/2 hr then full throttle derates bout 300 rpm then motor shuts down restarts straight away when hit start button before ive stopped kept persevereing with it same every time but only full throttle if stay just under no probs? Any suggestions would be appreciated cheers.

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