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    Anyone have problems fitting intake grates?

    Hi guys, I've just baught a solas intake grate for my 2004 Gtx limited and when it's pushed up against the ride plate it sits abit high so there is a step from the ride plate onto the intake grate. Im sure that's not normal and that it needs to sit flush!!?

    Has any of you guys came into this type of problem before and if so what can I do to make it sit flush?

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    What brand of grate?

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    Solas mate

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    mine fits like that, 3 years no issues

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    Run it like that or machine it for that extra tiny fraction of a mph

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    Ah sweet! I thought it might of caused a problem! I'm only using the ski for wakeskating so I'm not bothered about extra mph.
    Thanks guys I'll just fit it as is then

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