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    Yeehaw! 2015 Pro Watercross Tour Comes to Lewisville, TX

    OK, OK. So there’s some things that have yet to be fully fleshed out concerning the whole landscape of personal watercraft racing for 2015, but as contracts get finalized and evil plans are masterminded, we’re sure to be reporting a lot more in the coming weeks and months. Currently, AJ Handler has reportedly all but completely severed ties with Scott Frazier and what’s left of the IJSBA, leaving racer registration and class structure a little unclear. Handler’s Pro Watercross tour is still a “GO!” for 2015 (despite losing fan-favorite Colonial Beach, Virginia), and promises yet another awesome season.

    Starting May 9th and running through the 17th, is Pro Watercross’ super-fun week of racing Florida’s panhandle – the first weekend in Pensacola followed by another two days’ of racing in Panama Beach. June’s 20-21st weekend is still “Too Be Announced,” but westernmost tour stop Sparks, Nevada returns on the 27th of the same month. This is followed by newly announced Lewisville, Texas tour stop July 17th-19th. “Lewisville Lake is a tremendous tourism asset and we’re always looking for ways to bring more visitors and activity to the lake,” explained Lewisville CVB Director James Kunke. “The Pro Watercross Tour is a great opportunity for us and we’re excited to bring such a high-profile event to the area.”

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