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    yamaha fx 160 2006 want start over

    I need help please
    my pwc turn over fine but won't start.
    the problem start from release throttel cable and after fixing and drive for a 2 hour on the ski , itwas very
    hard to start the engine and now i have a starter but the engine wont start .
    i unpluged the some of conectors controler conector clean them and now the
    deshbord display is blocked and not light at all .before i will start to check
    the starting system ( i hered very clearly the knocking of the starter relay )
    i read in some site that the pwc maybe was blocked but even when i chray to release it with my controler there wasn't any noise or signal !!!
    cansome one help me pls ?
    thanks for any replay

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    yamaha fx 160 2006 want start over

    Chances are your impeller housing/wear ring might hav gone bad. The wear right have been known to expand and cause they impella to bind up...

    Edit....after re reading your post it seems you need to also check a few other things. If youre dash panel isnt lighting up you could have a unplugged connector or a break somewhere in the harness. Have you checked any fuses ? Also pull the spark plugs, if they are old they could have gone bad.
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    thank you very much for your replay kwtony
    all the fuses cheked . have a new 4 plugs .
    here the chek of the starter relay :

    i filmed my self
    any more sugest mybe the starter selonoeid ?

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