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    FX 140 Cruiser vs. FX140 HO

    My first post! I have a 2004 FX140 cruiser with 155 hours on it that I just bought as my first ski. There is some noise from the propellar area I plan to investigate and believe it is the wear ring so I will address.

    My question - what is the difference in engine / drive system that makes a HO better / faster / quicker than the Cruiser? I think I want some more power and factory tested parts are usually the best in my experience for trouble free, long term performance.

    Is it possible to update a Cruiser to HO engine specs and is it worth it? If not should I get the K&N filter and stacks and then look into the drive plate etc?

    Thanks for your patience with the new guy.

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    "Cruiser" only signifies extra comfort features, typically seat, foot pads, extra gauge settings, etc. HO is "High output" which signifies more engine performance. The 2 are not related because technically there are FX HO Cruisers. Are you sure you aren't talking about the FX-140 (140hp) versus the FX-HO (160hp)? I am not aware of an FX-140 HO.

    Regardless, I think I would save my money instead of dropping it into the FX-140.

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    The FX 140 is 998cc........the FX 160 HO is 1052cc. That is where the extra 20 HP is coming from. Also, in most years, the FXHO has a slightly lighter hull then the FX.
    There is no such model as a FX140 HO.........FX & FX Cruiser are 140HP, FXHO & FXHO Cruiser are 160HP.
    Hope that helps.

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    That makes some sense now.. FX Cruiser is the model I have and the FX HO is a separate model with a larger engine and related go fast bits. Sounds like upgrading from FX Cruiser to FX HO is more than swapping exhaust or ECM. Woth a shot.

    I'll take recommendations on what I should upgrade when I change the wear ring if it will give me some more scoot.


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    I agree with CCW. I have an FX140 and it is a great ski; fuel efficient and fast enough for me, but if I was to spend money I'd put it towards a newer NA ski.

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