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    Seadoo Fluid Balancer and HX UMI Needed

    I am looking for a Fluid Balancer pto for the 787 but would be interested in the 717 style also.

    I also have a HX racing hull to save and I have everything but the UMI. Please let me know what you have or heard about.

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    I found the 717 balancer. I am still hunting the HX UMI and 787 balancer hard.

    Who do you know with a bunch of old two-stroke Seadoo racing parts? Please sick me on them.

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    How bout it fellas? Any HX UMI out there?

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    Hey Matt,
    I have a 787 fluid balancer that you didn't beat me out of during our last deal. It needs to be pulled apart and cleaned though. Maybe we can trade for something.

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    Whatever you want Chuck. It's really good to hear from you. The guy up North that bought the Neptune ski posted pics of him ahead in the buoy's last season and that felt really good. I built that thing three times before I got it right(and he has dealt with a clogged pipe jet and whatnot, you know how it goes). I am just now about to de-tune the other X4 I got from you to sell so I can concentrate on the carbon fiber hulls I found this year. I have fixed and sold soooo many XP's in the time since you sold those to me those, always holding the two I got from you as top dogs.

    Now I'm just thinking of the best way to do up these carbon fiber hulls so I can truly "max" the X4 thing. I knew about the Fluid balancers so started throwing it out there. I'm glad you have one. I have a lot of cool parts to trade but am Paypal ready also....just let me know. Your the only one I know that has one so I will pester you for years to come if we don't get this done, lol.

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    OK I have my HX UMI located as well. Thanks guys

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