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    Kawasaki sj550 1982 jet pump needed......

    Hi all....

    I'm new to the whole jet ski scene having been given a old Kawasaki ( JS550A-100460 ) jetski.

    Only trouble is that the whole jet pump assembly is missing...

    Under the rear of the ski at the back I have two small hoses, a drive shaft and a steering cable and that's it..

    If anyone can help me source these parts that would be great ! or if they could share some info on the compatibility of other Kawasaki jet pumps that might fit then you could be helping to save what is otherwise a very original looking, unmolested jet ski from being broken up for parts.....


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    EBAY... LOL Sounds like you need a pump, and a ride plate, and prolly a grate as well.
    I've been helping a buddy of mine build his JS550 in my garage. It's missing a lot more then the pump right now... parts are cheap for these things and readily available. Ebay is a good bet, or a forum where more ppl jack with that nostalgia type of stuff...

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