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    CA owners and Property tax for Sea Doo's

    I bought my first Sea Doo last year and haven't received a property tax assessment yet... should I worry? I gave all my info to my tax guy, but he didn't bring up anything dealing with property tax.

    On my dad's boat, the property tax is the registration fee. Is it the same for me?

    I know I just mentioned CA, but I wasn't sure if this affected all states

    Note: I bought my 06 RXP last June.


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    property taxes

    The tax statement should come from the county in which you live in. I don't think there is any time frame for them to send them out, it seems like they are on their own schedule. I received one on a 16' alum. fishing boat this year that we bought in Aug. of last year. They will probably get around to it sooner or later or you can call your county tax collector to make sure. If you are going to get one you will be liable for all taxes no matter when you get the bill. Good luck

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    I get a notice in January of each year asking me to state if I sold the skis If not in June I get the tax bill for them.

    One of the benefits for living in California..


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    Me too. It's B.S. because they only depreciate the value of the ski very slightly every year and they are real @#%&@$! about re-assessing the value of your skis for tax purposes. They even want me to pay tax on my GSXL that hasn't been in operating condition (MPEM bad?) for 4 yrs. BTW I live in H.B.
    T C

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