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    Sea-Doo Proposes Remote-Controlled PWC Drones to Patrol Northwest Passage

    There were days when science fiction was the only place where warfare was conducted remotely, as pilots and strategists piloted planes, tanks and even ground troops from darkened control rooms. Today, it’s actually becoming more commonplace. Predator drones infamously patrol territories both foreign and domestic, radio-controlled bomb disposal units disarm explosives and we continue to explore the rugged terrain of Mars from the safety of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California.

    But how about the open oceans? Believe it or not, BRP Sea-Doo founder Charles Bombardier has conceived a sea-faring armored drone to patrol Canada’s Northwest Passage. Powered by much of the same equipment found in the latest RXT-X 260, the autonomous personal watercraft not only could save the Canadian government millions in paying for armed servicemen and women to navigate the treacherous waters, but help deter foreign infiltration.

    The post Sea-Doo Proposes Remote-Controlled PWC Drones to Patrol Northwest Passage appeared first on The Watercraft Journal.

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