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    Whats faster in the chop 2010 FXHO or 2011 VXR ?

    As the title says.

    Considering swapping my 2010 FXHO for a 2011 VXR. I mainly ride in the sea at WOT averaging 30 miles in one journey.

    Haven't got room for the longer / later FXHO.

    Should I stick with the 2010 HO ? Opinions please.

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    Vxr in the ocean chop is going to be a bumpy ride.. You'll get massive forearms though.. Lol

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    There is no comparison between the two hulls, in the chop the fx will ride 10x better then a vx...end of story

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    the VXS sucks in the chop, period.

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    The tribe has spoken.

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    I have both models and ride in the ocean. Like the others have said there is no comparison between the 2 hulls.

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    I have never ridden the fz or fx series hull but my vxs is a wicked fun workout in the chop. I def take a beating but I am still smiling the whole time! Not a 2 up ski in rougher water at all.

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    VX based hulls are a good flat-light chop. I owned a 2011 VX Deluxe. I'll tell you first hand it'll work you in wave conditions more than 12". When I bought our 13 FZS it was night and day.

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    Thanks for your responses....its probably what I was expecting.

    I take part in the UK 200 class Aquax races and what I am trying to work out is why the US racers ride VXR's if the FX's can be ridden harder in the sea/rough?

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