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    1st time owner buying 2nd Hand

    Hi Guys,

    I have never owned a Jet Ski before and am looking to make my first purchase. Live in Australia & I have been doing my research and looking for about 2 years now and still haven't bitten the bullet. I have come across 2 ski's that I am interested in but they are interstate, so I cant go look at them. These are the details of the first one the guy selling has provided to me and just wanted to know whether it was worth going for or not. If it is I might have to ask somebody to go look at it for me.

    The other thing I have to consider is freight and the one in WA is cheaper to transport at $803 then the one from QLD which is $1133

    Both Ski's im looking at are Seadoo 2012 RXT-X 260

    First one
    - 52 Hrs
    - has no factory warranty left
    - the
    seat was replaced once under warranty as it had a premature tear in it
    - there is no fogging kit installed as he says it
    fouls the plugs
    - he uses the seadoo approved spray as he was told inox swells the hoses
    - the bleed valve for the intercooler has been added to the rear, under the warranty campaign from BRP
    - One scratch front starboard side and some small scratches at rear (but can be buffed)
    - no scratches or damage to bumpers
    - has seadoo rear boarding step added
    - has seadoo ski pole added
    - asking $15k

    second one- 40 Hrs
    - has factory warranty left
    - there is no fogging kit installed
    - the bleed valve for the intercooler has been added to the rear, under the
    warranty campaign from BRP
    - no scratches or damage to the ski
    - has seadoo rear boarding step added
    - has bilge pump installed
    - asking $17k


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    if its an option, I would go with the one that is the furthest away from salt water.

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    They are all close to salt water and I would be using my ski 98% of the time in the ocean as that's where we mostly ride in Australia

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