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    Re: second hand 2011 rxtx

    Hi Guys, thanks in advance for any help you may offer.

    I just purchased a second hand 2011 Rxtx with 52 hours on it. For some history the ski had $7000 worth of work done recently after an intercooler failure. Including replacement of crank, pistons etc etc so fairly large overhaul. It also has the upgraded intercooler to the new model. Im not sure its been run much after this for the last 6 months.

    so last night I took it out for its first run and it really feels to me like the throttle has a real lag. It had no trouble getting upto 116klph but the take off is slow. For example once you pull back on the throttle you can almost count 1-2 seconds before it winds up.

    I thought of changing plugs any other ideas ?

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    It sounds to me like your rxtx isn't in sport mode, without sport mode engaged it does take off very slowly

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    Thanks for reply.

    I did try sport and it still seemed to lag quite a bit. For example you can pulse the throttle quickly back and forward and nothings happens. But if you hold it down it does eventually take off.

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    are you absolutely sure you're in sport mode? does it have the "sport" light lit on the gauge cluster?

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    You might have a throttle body that's sticking a little bit, your old engine had a good amount of water going into it and the throttle body and i bet when it was rebuilt they reused the old throttle body, maybe that's a good place to look

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    Yeh I made sure it said entering sport mode. I put it on and off a few times as a test.

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    I just went and pulled out the rebuild receipt and it has an $800 charge for "Throttle Body S" it says. Im assuming that means it was replaced right?

    thanks guys

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    I also have an RXT-X 2011, with a whole host of issues, some from Seadoo and some from the dealership. When my intercooler went out, Seadoo replaced my engine, but I also had to replace the throttle body and supercharger. I'd start with the throttle body, and then if needed look at the supercharger.

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    Your throttle body is most likely damaged due to the IC leaking all that water through it.

    I have a brand new in box throttle body for sale here at a big discount, if you end up needing one:
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    Thanks guys Ill see what I come up with after a ride on weekend.

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