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Thread: RXP Engine Swap

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    RXP Engine Swap

    I'm in the process of a complete engine swap on my 04' RXP. I didn't see a whole lot of RXP engine swap threads out there so I thought I'd start one also as a way for me to ask questions as I have them. I'm a amateur mechanic with just enough skill to be dangerous but no were near a professional. I'm kind of learning as a go along with this project.

    Here's what happened, during the summer I took the ski out in the salt water when I was on vacation for the first time. Not 15min. into my ride the ski broke down completely luckily I wasn't to far from the beach and I had to swim it in a couple hundred yards. Anyways, it ingested a mix of sand and salt water all throughout the engine and the spark plug in cylinder #1 broke at the threads and metal shards ruined that cylinder as well.

    So far... Supercharger removed, throttle body, ECU, fuel rail, water box removed. The drive shaft was giving me issues trying to get to that C-clip so I removed the impeller unbolted the motor mounts and moved the engine forward finally got to the C-clip and removed it. Now, I still can't figure out how to remove the drive shaft still giving me problems any ideas?

    Also, looking for input.. while I'm going to all this trouble I'm thinking of making some upgrades to the ski mainly I want to install the black magic headers and run strait pipes out the back to a thru hull exhaust think that would sounds B/A? Also, thinking about installing a simple BOV from Riva racing to reduce back pressure and because BOVs sound cool I think as well?
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    Ditch the blow off valve. It will wear the clutch on the supercharger a lot faster. There's a lot of info on this topic as well
    good luck This forum is full of info and knowledge

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    Ok, so I finally got the engine out of the ski over the weekend not too difficult thus far. Removing the drive shaft really was the biggest hold up I have had so far probably should have invested in that drive shaft removal tool. The way I finally got it out was just by disconnecting the engine from the engine mounts and having my buddy push the engine forward while it was raise about half an inch off the engine mounts with my engine hoist, and me working the drive shaft backwards out of the engine.. PAIN IN THE ASS

    Anyways, after removing the intake manifold this weekend I found my malfunction the engine dropped a valve in the number one cylinder i'll attach some pictures of it.

    Also, this is the second motor I've had to put in this ski the first time I replaced it was back in 2011 when I paid a reputable seadoo technical $5K to put in an SBT engine. Is this usual with SBT engines for values to drop after only 3 years any ideas?
    Ever since I had the new engine installed back in 2011 I've always had starting and battery issues never could figure out why and I think I know why now. When I was removing the engine there was no ground wire on the starter motor I think it was carelessly looked over by the mechanic that put it in back in 2011.
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    Driveshaft will be the hardest thing you have to doo.

    Any ideas what you're doing for a new motor?

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    I probably just going to end up buying another SBT engine to replace it with. I really don't know that I have any better options for the $2700 it costs for a SBT engine

    I'm definitely going to put a header on it I already have a Black Magic Header on order and will hopefully run a strait pipe to a thru hull exhaust can't wait to hear how loud it is

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