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    Question on Hull repair (pictures)

    I have a question on Hull repair direction/experience.

    I filled my hull with water to see where if anywhere it was leaking out, (the idea, where it leaks out, it leaks in). I had some rivets on the starboard bow (under gunnel wrap) leaking and this gouge in the starboard strake (a slow seep to drip).

    Ideas/experience/horror stories/good educational material-sources? I have some (minor) fiberglass experience and plan to make the repairs myself. It looks like this is going to need to be done from inside? It would be under the helm control area, has anyone taken the helm kick panel access (if I'm saying it right?) out?

    Best method for re-sealing rivets?

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That spot looks like it has been cracked for a while and leaking. I would check the area to make sure it isnt soft in a larger area than the hole.

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    It is hard to give you a recommendation as we do not know your capabilities beyond your saying you have done fiberglass work before. If I were making the repair, I would grind out the area until I got to solid material, dried it out thoroughly, then fiberglass a patch to within about 1/8 of the the surface. Then once cured, roughen, and fill to level with a paste gel coat (gel mixed with Cabosil filler). Then top it off with several layers of liquid gel mixed with wax additive. Not hard to do, but your results will depend on your experience to do finish body work.

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    I have many years fiberglass experience, but as a structural kind of guy.....not body work.

    I have done a few knarly repairs on my skis, but neither have leaked like yours shows as I didn't put them in the water after the incident...... With that said, I would grind out the area until you get to sound virgin material where you patch will stick. I would first repair from the inside if possible and then the outside.

    Do you have any tools of the trade? Air compressor? Primer gun? Fiberglass roller? DA sander?

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    If you wait to long and allow the water to start seeping between the fiberglass and the gel coat, you'll need to cut a hole larger then the damage and rebuild the hole with fiberglass strips and epoxy. Then coat the new fiberglass with gel coat. Not difficult at all, just requires many steps before done. Yes, the fiberglass strips would have to be done from the exterior and interior, both sides.

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