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    Supplier Rant...

    I own and operate a few businesses, one of which is a signs and graphics business (for last 24 years) and we do larger type fleet graphics, vehicle wraps, contract printing, etc for all the large companies in the area. I have a 20+ relationship with a large sign materials supplier and have spent approximately $6-7 million dollars with them over the last 20+ years.

    June of this year, we get a contract to print reflective decals for one of our largest clients (the local utility company) so I call and order a large (and expensive) roll of 3M reflective material and specified to the lady in CS that it needed to be "Digitally Printable". She confirms, send me the product and all seems to be well.

    (*Note: Digitally printable material is handled much differently than standard films to reduce contamination and keep the printing surface clean.*)

    I receive the material, load our Roland printer, print the entire roll of labels overnight, come in the next morning and begin to unwind the roll and notice all sorts of dust and contamination in the prints. The entire roll is trash as I am not about to give my customer this shit. So I call my supplier and they forward me directly to the senile president who says that evidently the girl entered the order for the wrong material and that they would send me a new roll ASAP.

    So at this point, I am out approx. $300 in ink costs but at least they are trying to rectify the issue.

    Fast forward 5-7 days, no I call the senile president/owner and ask what the problem might be as to why the new roll hasnt arrived.

    His response is "After reviewing this claim, we feel you must have contaminated the product before printing it". I simply laughed my ass off, took a few breaths and said "REALLY?" His response, in short was "Sorry about your luck, we are not going to replace the fim", so I said, "You are willing to throw away a 20+ year relationship over this and you had already previously admitted fault by and agreed the order got entered wrong?". He said "If that's how you feel, yes." I told him to f**k off and that I would never buy another item from his supplier, and I havent.

    I get invoices every month for that roll of material so today I called and told the lady in AR that she could kindly tell senile president to jump off a bridge and that I was firm in never sending another dollar to their shit-house of a company.

    End of rant. Just needed to vent. I know, I am probably a huge penis and it's all my fault.

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    That sucks man...sorry to hear this. Hopefully your new supplier will work out even better than your old one.

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