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    need help no power

    Just got my supercharger back in my 08 250x cranked it to make sure everything looked good. Everything looked good so I tightened everything up and took it out to hook it up to the hose and when I hit the start button I lost all power to the ski. I thought I might have a bad connection with my battery so I disconnevted and reconnected the battery cables and the same thing. Now I get nothing. I hear a relay clicking is all I'm getting. I just charged my battery. Pleae help

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    is the battery grounded to the engine somewhere. I can't find where the negative wire goes. Possibly the starter?

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    I believe it's the fuel pump relay clicking not the ecu relay

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    Can I flip flop the relays?

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    Flipped the relays. Still nothing

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    loose power wire

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    Did those come loose on the 250/60's too? I never knew that

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    Ordered new battery

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