Hello guys. I have swapped and 09 FZS engine into and 03 FX 140. all the plumbing is near complete. one of the wire harnesses has a 2 16ga wires, one brown and one black. the harness they were connected to cannot be found. tThey are good size wires and the connectors they attach to have the same color wires as the coils. Any idea where it goes? Now on to the main problem. the starter solenoid needs to be replaced, but I have a snap-on starter tester, the engine rotates but will not start. while I was researching, I came across the need to have a remote? as I stated earlier, I have swapped everything over into the FX, harness and all, even the gauges. when the engine is cranking, there is a yellow light on the dash that pops up and flashes "L" mode. Is this the reason my ski will not start? or does it have something to do with the missing connection in the harness? Help please, I work at a PWC repair facility, but I don't know everything.