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Thread: Turn motor over

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    Turn motor over

    How do you manually turn motor over by hand? May have busted teeth on the flywheel and am trying to spin past that bad spot...

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    Remove spark plugs, remove SC to IC hose, use 17mm deep socket to turn SC counterclockwise.

    You could cause more damage if in fact flywheel bolt heads sheared, don't force it!

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    What year is it as I'm seeing more and more of these flywheel bolts threads being posted and I'm not sure what year skis have this problem or wether it's all 4-tecs ?

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    Fosta, the early model 4Tecs had issues with this but we are seeing a lot of recent year models sheering bolts but it is because they are spinning more than 8800 RPM on modified machines. Stock flywheel bolts are not sheering that I have seen or heard on STOCK skis....

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