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Thread: I Won!

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    I Won!

    I had a great time fishing in the James River Striped Bass Fishing Tournament today. I was fortunate to catch the winning fish with a weight of 14.80 lbs! I was on my Jet Ski Fishing Machine and caught seven other fish as well. The largest was caught using a live spot for bait. This was an awesome tourney that benefited the Virginia Living Museum. There was a long list of sponsors that made it all possible. Thanks Don Brown of Northwestern Mutual Insurance, he was one of the sponsors but could not fish so he gave me his entry, I told him I would win and I wasn't kidding! Good to see Mark and Rob on the water today as well. Thanks Rob for meeting me and getting some pictures.

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    Brian, congrats .... that's outstanding. My $$$ would always be on a winner like you when it comes to fishing.

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