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Thread: Superjet advise

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    Superjet advise

    Hey all, I've been looking into stand ups because Ive always wanted one, I figured why not get the best stand up and get a superjet. I plan to just ride around on a lake, mainly just carvi g and learning tricks. I'm a decent sized guy 6'1" 230 and wanted to k kw what year I should look into? I know round noses are sought after but they seem to be too much for me, I'm looking at spending around 1500 but could go up to 2000 if I need too for the right one. I'm probably going to setlle for a square nose but now it's the 650 or 701 is the question, for a beginninger and my size do I really need the 701. Just looking into some input . Thanks

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    U might wanna try

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    Either motor will do just fine if you are just learning to ride a standup. You should have no problem finding a squarenose in the 1500 range during the winter. I'm 6'2 and 215 and have a 650 SNthat works just fine.

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