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    The Watercraft Journal Partners With Jet Angler For 2014/2015

    Well, if that pesky Polar Vortex everybody is freaking out over actually does what is predicted, we might be repeating last year’s rotten (and stupidly long) wintertime. But, seeing that the chilly temps that shut down so many of us in the northern latitudes scantly touched our PWC-loving brethren down in Florida and along Southern California’s coast, there is still plenty of watercraft racking up riding hours. And, like our warmer climate residing friends, we too at The Watercraft Journal will be not dissuaded from mounting up and bringing you some of the best coverage around the States and beyond.

    To whit, we are all very, very excited to announce the official partnership between your favorite personal watercraft enthusiast publication, The Watercraft Journal, and America’s coolest outfitter of jet ski fishing apparel, Jet Angler. Not only will you see monthly updates here about all of the awesome deals to be made on sweet swag and gear, but Jet Angler owner, Marc Samulewics is also a contributor as well! Marc has already provided The Watercraft Journal will some stellar fishing photography, mapping and useful info, but top notch product reviews! Oh, and there’s plenty more to come.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    I look forward to seeing their product line up on the WCJ. Ans I hope winter passes quickly LOL.

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