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    02' RX DI to carb 787 swap

    I’m in the process of combining two junk seadoos into one good one. I have a 97’ GSX that was crashed into a dock with a good engine, and a 02’ RX DI with a good hull and no engine. I’m not going to waste my time repairing the GSX and I hate to throw the RX away. I already have the RX completely stripped and the 787 engine in for test fitting. I just need to re-glass the front engine mount and the exhaust/ battery mount locations.
    Here is my question. I know a 155mm pump was never used with the 787 so the stock impeller probably isn’t going to work. I know I need a lower pitch to reduce the load on the engine. I’m just a little confused on what pitch exactly I would need given I’m losing 20 h.p. and gaining about 50- 75 pounds. Is there a calculation that can be used to figure out what might be the best pitch to use? or would I just be better off swaping in the 140mm pump. I really dont want to though, it will be a lot more work.

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    I wouldn't worry too much about the power to weight...

    Starting in 2002, larger 3-seaters such as the GTI used the smaller 720cc motor, good for 85hp...but switched to a 155mm pump....and they weighed more than the RX hull (according to internet searching)...

    Here is the link I used to compare pump sizes....

    After the build and water test, watch the peak RPM's at WOT...if they are down (which they should be), you can easily bring them up by tweeking the training edge of the prop...It will be close enough that you might not have to worry about a different prop...

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