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    Heavy Breathing: Pushing a Naturally-Aspirated Yamaha to Supercharged Speeds

    To be frank, this project was a very humbling experience. The goal was simple, at least that’s what we thought: to tune a naturally-aspirated 2014 Yamaha FX High Output WaveRunner to run as fast as a stock supercharged FX SHO, and to do for less money than purchasing the SHO outright. Going in, there were a few unavoidable truths we were going to need to accept: 1) that we were going to have to sacrifice the FX HO’s stellar long-distance fuel mileage, and 2) we were going to have to give up using the “cheap stuff” at the gas pump to increase the HO’s horsepower.

    Sure, those were two bitter pills we didn’t want to gulp down, but bigger sacrifices have been made at the altar of the horsepower gods. As it stood, the Deep Red Metallic HO had barely cleared it’s mandatory 10-hour break-in before we started wrenching. In stock form, our Yamaha maxed out at 7,400rpm and 63 mph. That kind of performance ain’t too shabby for a 830-pound three-seater equipped with the brand’s big 1,812cc four-cylinder, 4-stroke spitting out just a tad under 180 ponies. But we needed much more to match those supercharged Super High Output FXs.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    Thanks for posting the article, Rusty. Having Jim modify the rideplate works well on the FX platform as well, especially considering his generous holiday discount. Around $250.00. He does excellent work !!!

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