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    VX Deluxe Over Heat

    Hi Guys I have tried to have a look already on the site for info on this and it was pretty vague and from older models.

    Our VX Deluxe 2012 model has recently started having issues with it the overheat warning coming on.
    the only mods on it are a top loader and plugs

    the ski is just about always launched and retrieved from the beach

    at first the warning came on whilst being run down after a days use, we had it looked at and cleaned out the cooling intake and still the next time same issue.

    any ideas?

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    Is it actually over heating or just a faulty sensor? Do or can you get your hands on an IR temp gun? Run it until the alarm sounds, pull the seat and check.

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    What was cleaned out of where?

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    Is the water pisser working? Make sure no blockage and also make sure the water stream is like it should be. Hopefully over time you didn't suck up sand and starting to clog the passages.

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    VX Deluxe Over Heat

    Next time it overheats, spit on the muffler, if it sizzles off, its hot, if not, you likely have an issue elsewhere

    Also, hold down the button on the dash panel next time you have an alarm go off, itll give you the code its currently throwing

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    I would definitly change the sensor just to be sure either way because if it is the heat or just the sensor. The sensor would be prone to faults with high heating and cooling so check both.

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    Issue solved one of the plastic parts of the exhaust had been melted and was filling the engine bay with exhaust fumes and also making the resonator extra hot but obviously wasn't faulting on the hose as exhaust fumes were dissipating.

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