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    2 Q's...exrternal IC winterizing and thru hull exhaust quieting

    Hey all, 2 questions...
    1- I just winterized my '13 rxtx and when adding antifreeze into intake, it never came out the IC pisser...I took both hoses off the IC and it seamed empty, is that good enough? my buddy says manual says just blow air thru but he doesn't have ext IC...thanks!
    2- This ski came with a riva thru hull exhaust...I'm not sure how much power or speed this adds but was wondering if there is any silencer for it, even if its a part time "use when needed" item? Thanks again for any help!

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    I personally pull my IC out and bring it Inside for the winter.
    As far as the exhaust the only way to quiet it down is to throw more water at the waterbox somehow. I did with mine but I'm running openloop cooling so I can get water that way
    if you have a ski with a j pipe in which it looks like you can drill out the 3 pisser cooling holes on the j pipe one size bigger and that will put more water in the box and silence it down a bit but don't drill them too big

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    Gotcha, thanks GB!...Was wondering if taking out the ic was the way to go....

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    It's the easiest and safest if possible

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