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Thread: Gpr 1300 piston

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    Gpr 1300 piston

    Hi I have a 2004 gpr1300 power valve motor that has scarring in the number 3 piston. What is the best approach to fixing this?.

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    post some pics of the piston. you need to find out the reason it was scarring.

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    At 130 hours the third cylinder let go. A small hole on top and piece of the side of piston broke off.

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    Mine did the same thing at 180 hours, #3 piston. I just had the entire top end rebuilt. You will have to replace the cylinder and or have the OEM cylinder sent in to be nikasiled and machined. Not cheap. At 130 hours, you are at a crossroads, you either do the work to repair the one piston but risk the other two failing in the near future and because you are at 130 hours, your almost to the point where things will start to fail like the CAT, which I removed and installed a D plate which saved me a ton of money and increased power. The OEM CAT is $1,000 + labor. Because my ski was at 180 hours and over 10 years old without a rebuild, I decided to bite the bullet and have all three done because I don't want to pay the labor twice. The reputable shop I had look at the ski could not find a cause other than it appeared to run lean, that could be a number of issues, but so far so good, my ski is a rocket, I do have mods though.

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    have you had the wave eater clips installed? Its a must.

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