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    Just added a single usb port for charging stuff on the VX110.

    Got the cable on eBay, came with inline fuse & stick on mount. $20. I had to splice in another foot of cable though to reach battery & the rings were to small for battery bolt to go thru. I had some extra rings that had a larger diameters & used those, no big deal. Ran it from battery up through engine compartment & above white plastic storage partition. I used about 3 zip ties to keep cable tucked up & away from engine. Access from front storage door. I top mounted a dangling waterproof box inside storage area so I can put a phone in there to charger when out & about. 1/2 hr. job.

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    I hope there is some circuitry behind that USB port of yours. Your battery is 12 volts and
    USB is 5 volts +/- 0.25v. I'd hate to see you fry your electronics by expecting 5v and getting 12v

    Just a tad concerned on the power, though it sounds like a cool idea !

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    They make kits for motorcycles that exhibit the same characteristics. Hopefully he got the right one. I look forward to seeing any pics and ebay links if it works out for you. That sounds like a great idea. I hate having a dead phone.

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