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    2004 ultra 150 battery wiring problem


    Any kawasaki ultra 150 owners

    I have a 04 ultra 150

    Just bought it , previous owner was changing the battery and got mixed up on what goes where. Obviously big black terminal goes to ground. ( which runs to the engine block ) And the red terminal goes to positive (which runs to a small grey box behind the battery) . They weren't swapped like put on the battery backwards. They were put on correct. But there was a little single wire (looked black) that Supposively went to battery. They were unsure of where, so they put it where they guess and it melted the entire wire and caused ski to no longer start.

    I traced wire back. It runs to a grey electrical box behind battery. Same box that the positive terminal runs too.

    I have new wire ready to install

    BUT where does this wire run to?

    Can anyone send or post a pic of there battery area so I can see what all wiring goes where.

    Does this wire go to a battery terminal or does it go somewhere else

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    open the electric box and check for damage, none of the other 100 views want to get involved with what could turn out to be a huge mess.

    me?..I do this for a living.

    oh have about a zero chance of repairing this without a manual and a whole bunch of patience

    the ski owner connected the electrical ground wire to the hot side of the battery( those red stripes on the wire fool lots of folks into doing this) you may have some significant electrical damage.

    open the electric box and lets see what's inside.

    hopefully enough magic smoke is left for this ski to run without dumping a truckload of cash into it.

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