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    Just got a pair of seadoo sp's

    Hey everybody my name is Alan, and I'm very new to the world of jet skis. I have recently acquired a couple of seadoo sp's for free. One has some nose damage, but starts and goes fine I'm told. I trust the source, but even so I would like to make this machine as reliable as possible. The other ski had no hull damage but has engine trouble. I pulled the motor and started tearing it down. It's got the yellow engine. Pistons look fine, haven't checked the crank shaft, I'm guessing it's not well. I plan on using it to fish small rivers and large creeks in extremely remote places, and don't want to get stranded. I don't know much about the jet ski other then it has the white bombardier engine. I'd love some input on how to make this thing trustworthy. It will be in shallow water bouncing off logs. Also what's the best way to repair the nose damage? Anybody ever make a skid plate, or is that over kill? These creeks and rivers have steep banks, anybody have some tips for launching them? I'm thinking some kind of big wheeled dolly that I can hook to a winch on my truck. Here are links to a few videos that show the reckless and irresponsible riding I plan on doing. I like to imagine these jet skis with a luggage rack on the back, and an electric trolling motor to help me sneak up on the fishes.

    I hope these videos inspire the 14 year old idiot inside all of you, like they did me.

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    I've had a few SP skis. Lots of fun and the white 587 was bullet proof. I assume the engine is locked up as you are pulling it apart. Cranks on these generally aren' tthe first to go. Usually it's top end due to lean carbs caused by bad grey tempo fuel lines. Replace them all, rebuilt carbs. Take oil injection out and go premix.

    But for this type of riding nothing will be dependable. No need to fix the nose, it'll just get busted up again. Throw some duck tape on it and call it good. Your biggest problems will be hull cracking, bent impellers, wear rings and over heating due to clogged cooling. But then it's a throw away ski anyway.

    If you are looking to go fishing on them, you must enjoy getting wet. Very unstable. You'll end up in the water first cast. It may get you where you need to go and then you can do some wade fishing.

    Launching you'll have to figure out. But they are pretty light so launching shouldn't be an issue. Spin the front of the ski toward the rear of the trailer and give a push. May want to put a cheap tarp on the ground and drag it to keep debris from entering intake. Retrieving it may be more challenging. Two guys pick them up and load them.

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