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    Unhinged: Jesse Salles’ 107mph GPSHO Conversion Ski (Videos & Gallery)

    As it stands, the world’s fastest personal watercraft holds the record at 112 miles per hour. That number has yet to be officially repeated since Maikel Gonzales’ epic run this past July. Emboldening all of those in contention for the Speed Alley championship, Gonzales record run effectively painted a large red target on the drag racer’s back. Replicating that kind of speed requires the perfect blend of power-to-weigh-to-hull design and many feel they have what it takes to challenge Gonzales’ “Blue Zone” conversion ski.

    One such machine stands out among the others, as it breaks away from the conventional Yamaha GP1300R hull-and-Rotax 4-tec 3-cylinder combination. Slidell, Louisiana’s Keith Salles‘ original plan was far removed from his final result, but the journey to a SHO-powered GPR capable of 107-plus-miles per hour is a tale all unto itself

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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