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    Loose fitting storage cover for 2012 FXHO?

    I'm going to be storing my FX HO on a boat lift with very limited access to the front and sides of the ski. It will be very easy to get on and off the ski, but because of dock layout, very difficult to fit the factory cover I have. My current cover fits so tight is a bit of an adventure even when it is on the trailer, and has to be fitted handlebars first, then nose, then pull like hell to get it on the back.

    Does anyone have a good source for a quality cover that maybe has elastic around the bottom but is not a "perfect fit" like the Yamaha covers? I just need decent sun/rain protection and prefer it to stay on in 10-20 mph winds.

    In a related note... draining the foowells while on the lift is also a concern, any creative suggestions there appreciated.

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    how 'bout solar powered bilge pumps each footwell?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyterrific View Post
    how 'bout solar powered bilge pumps each footwell?
    I'm hoping that if I can find a good enough cover, that I can avoid this problem for the most part...

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