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    Get Carried Away With Unishippers, The Watercraft Journalís Newest Advertiser For 201

    For some, the cost of hauling their prized machine across half a continent (or even beyond) far outweighs that of crating it up and shipping it. Racers constantly box up their racecraft, loading them up in the back of a cargo container and meet them at a designated shop, dealership or depository. We know many adventurous PWC enthusiasts who regularly ship their skis several states over as they fly a day or two later to their desired group ride destination. The idea might sound alien to some, but the practice is more common than you think.

    And there’s one guy who’s been doing it for more big names in the personal watercraft sport than anybody else. Unishippers’ own John Carter has been working from his Wichita, Kansas headquarters shipping PWC all over the continental United States and beyond. From bulk orders from aftermarket hubs like RIVA Racing and Jerry Gaddis’, to specialty crate motors and custom hulls, all the way to cross-country new unit sales and full-blown race-ready machines, he gets them loaded and safely shipped where they need to be.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    I have used john for countless shipments of complete skis, motors, and hulls even overseas. His prices CANNOT be beat and pickup and delivery is always on time and quick the guy is awesome.

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