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    '07 fx ho cruiser cuts out

    Need help please

    Took my ski out today and was riding slowly and idling perfect and when I took the ski for a open run and over 60 to 70 km/h it cuts out, engine shuts of and rpm meter stays in the same position.
    Then start it and everything perfect, then when above +-60 km/h it cuts out again.
    When you start it, it revs perfect and goes like a rocket and then suddenly cuts out.
    Volts 14.5
    No warning on dash.
    It's almost like pulling the kill switch.
    20 hours on
    Thanks in advance

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    Be sure air filter is good and clean then Replace all sparkplugs and check to be sure the battery cables are clean and good and tight on the battery, then retest. Tommy Jordan

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    Thank you 2 fast!!!

    Loose battery cable, yee haaa

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