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    Flashback Friday: WMF Watercraft Dusts Off 21-Year-Old RIVA Racing Team Video

    We’re not the types to sit around and pine for the “glory days,” but there’s something to be said when regional promoters put on full season schedules of heart-pounding races, all building up to a National Tour showdown, culminating in only the cream of the crop being permitted to race in the annual IJBSA World Finals. Not to mention the massive presence of big name race teams, sponsors and media outlets at nearly every stop.

    We eyed this great bit of throwback fun over at WMF Watercraft’s website that should crank up the nostalgia for you too. You might be wondering, “What is WMF doing with a bunch of vintage racing videos on their site?” and you’d be interested to know that WMF Watercraft is one of the nation’s biggest RIVA Racing performance parts dealers as well as staffed with some of the best-trained technicians cranking out custom-built buoy burners for clients all year ’round.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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