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    R&d blow off valve

    Doing some more mods to my ski

    Fizzle F1000 cooler
    Riva reduction nozzle

    Was thinking of putting and r&d blow off valve on

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    I am just confused about the installation of this B.O.V
    Does it just install straight into the intake hose? (cut hose and clamp bov in middle)
    Or does it install via boost line. Or both?
    I can see a boost line attatchment on the top of it aswell?

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    save your money and don't buy it. do a search on here why not to use a blowoff valve on a seadoo

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    I can only think of two down sides of adding one of these to a ski. Salt water air is tough on any aluminum parts so failures are likely. Things like that add weight and complexity.

    Most explanations you find on the net of what these things really do, is completely wrong. I personally would never consider running a race car without one. I plumb them to be a horsepower dump valve when the accelerator is pulling back. Way cool stuff.

    Note, to slow down a turbo shift speed, process air. To keep the turbo shift speed up, starve the compressor for air.


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    a BOV must have a reference line in the intake between the valves and the throttle plate
    the BOV must see vacuum/lower psi to open the valve
    IMO the marine environment is too hard on aluminum
    and BOV is just one more place for failure/leaks
    so, the seadoo type SC does not need a BOV

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    I'm sorry, I know this topic has been beat to death.

    How about someone who rides offshore alot jumping waves etc. Constant on/off throttle type of riding. Would a BOV be of a benefit? Mostly stock 255 PX. Just did the Gen3 Intercooler because the stock one failed, but will be doing a bigger supercharger pulley intake and fuel upgrades necessary in the near future when my charger is due for rebuild at 200 hours. Currently at 150 hours but I ride alot and will be at 200 in just a few more months.

    Reliability is #1 due to how far and often I ride.

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    the BOV will work on a stock SC
    there is no real evidence that a BOV will help or cut clutch life
    as far a reliability of a BOV when used in salt water environment
    every one knows what happens to bare aluminum
    and most BOVs are all aluminum

    most believe for max SC reliability the rebuild time should be 100 hours not 200

    Andy says when you block off the intake of a turbo
    it will speed up and I can believe that... causes a vacuum

    I have a hard time believing that if you plug off a turbo output
    that that also will cause the turbo to speed up
    like it does on a leaf blower

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    The turbo would not speed up in a vacuum but it would not slow down as fast.

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    I don't see the problem installing a B.O.V, I rebuild my charger every 100 hrs at the very most.
    Wouldn't more stress be put on the charger chopping the throttle at W.O.T rather than the wheel just free spinning with the B.O.V installed?
    As for leaks and corrosion, I ride fresh water only, and if I noticed a boost leak I could just put the stock intake hose back on and remove the B.O.V

    My main question here was if the B.O.V needed 2 reference points.

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    No need on a SeaDoo. Save your money.
    On Yamaha yes, they are needed.
    Different style clutches, different needs.

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    Here is a screen shot on a data log from this weekend's testing. Notice how the boost drops faster than the RPM. Practically as fast as the throttle. The time period from peak to bottom is about 0.5 seconds!

    I still don't see any evidence where a blow-off valve in a SC seadoo is an advantage...besides the "whooosh" sound the teenagers like
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