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    Cooling hose broke,almost sunk ski

    So my ski blew a hose off on the weekend,a hose right next to the crankshaft pulley for the supercharger belt,the hose itself came off with the hoseclamp still on but what appears to be the barb that it clamps onto

    the ski filled up to above the belt tensioner, took it home flushed it, hosed out the inside and blew all the water out with compressed air/leaf blower

    Im going to remove the motor,change the rusty supercharger pulley that has been needing changing but i have a feeling this is going to be a can of worms, i feel like im going to have to remove the drive shaft pulley, pull what i think is the rear housing of the cooling water pump off and some how insert a new barb (as well as an oil change,filter change, new belt etc)

    Does anybody on here have any experience or ideas of what else i should/could do??


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    Are you talking about the stator cover fitting that broke off?

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    i think that's what he is talking about.
    Kawi as done a new version of this cover with 2 fittings on it. like the pump , oil cooler and so...
    No more break here

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