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    So my neighbor just texted me...

    Here's the text:
    Quote Originally Posted by Garey
    Hey Brian(sic), it's Garey next door. We have an open house from 10-2 and the realtor was asking if the truck could be moved so it doesn't chase any of my potential buyers away.
    I guess I'm more pissed about this than I should be because I really want to reply to the text, but my wife says it's better just to ignore it. And I'm not even sure he's really the culprit since we have each others' phone numbers and it was sent from an unknown number. Probably the real estate agent. Either way, I'm pretty sure he doesn't have my phone number memorized, so he certainly had to look it up in his phone.

    I want to give him a ration of shit about how maybe I should move the wife's truck, too, since it has commercial markings on it. And maybe I should get the neighbor around the corner to remove his one-ton and the other neighbor on the main street to remove his Baker Hughes pick up.

    I also want to let the real estate agent have it and tell her that if I remove the truck, then she should remove all materials in the house that have been on a truck. And also any of her clothing and jewelry that have been on a truck. And any of her/her potential customers' vehicles that have ever been on a truck. I also want to add in some shit about this being a working-class neighborhood and how she's attempting to perpetrate a fraud on whatever hoity-toity potential buyer she might get to even set foot in this neighborhood. And I would probably continue about how maybe she wants me to move out because they don't want any fat guys with long hair in the neighborhood.

    And what right does she have to be so snobby? From my research it looks like the highest value house she's ever sold is $208K.

    I really hope she comes over to "encourage" me so that I can let her have it.

    By the way, it's listed at $198,500. He bought it for $170,000. The neighbor on the other side's house is the mirror floor-plan of Garey's house and he had it listed for 6 months at $180,000 and couldn't sell it. The two houses acutally have a side patio and they're facing each other. I guess that's why they put up a fence and also why these were the last two houses to sell in this neighborhood. Just for comparison, I paid $172,700 for mine and have 78 fewer square feet.

    I'll be interested to see how low he has to go to sell it.

    Here is a pic of his house and the offending truck which is freshly washed with tire-dressing added:

    In this pic you can kinda see what I mean about the mirror-image floor plans:

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    Im surprised your city lets you park that in your driveway. I know my city ordinances do not allow it. Especially blocking the sidewalk.

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    Mine will. Trailer and all. C'mon out to freedom loving Cali-4nya!!

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    If that was in my neighborhood, you would have a ticket within 30 minutes.

    The way I see it, is if you want to get rid of your current neighbor, move the truck. If you want to keep him around, but pissed at you, leave it.

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    If they don't have the balls to ask you in person I'd wouldn't move it. That truck is your lively hood.

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    Look at it this way. The higher price he gets for his house, the better price you can get for yours..... He's only asking it once... Not every time they show it. But you apparently have the right to keep it there. I dont think he is being rude or mean. Just asking for your help.

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    F him and realtor! !!!!
    That's why I live in the country no laws governing me and the neighbors know better to say anything about my truck!

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    If it's legal, leave it. Moving it would do the buyers a disservice, as they would not be getting a real picture of what they can expect if they do buy.

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    I wouldn't buy a house with a truck that size on a lot that small next to me. Nothing like diesel rattle in the morning.

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    Yeah no offense intended here (I'm sure it's in excellent condition) but if I were your neighbor I would want you to park that beast in a space for large commercial vehicles. Or maybe get 5 acres out in the sticks or something then you might not have to be concerned about it?

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