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    Video: Puts Two Models & JetPilot’s Slingshot Towable Through The Ring

    We can always count on the crew from Queensland, Australia’s to provide some fun, top notch video footage from their weekly exploits (seriously, when are these guys actually working?). Recently, the JSS team were preparing for another weekend edition of their “Breakfast Club” rides by trying out some new toys for everyone to enjoy.

    One toy in particular was JetPilot’s new Slingshot Towable. Although not entirely revolutionized for the new year, the two-seater raft does feature a very cool GoPro mounting point that also is adaptable for all POV cameras available today. Made from a heavy gauge PVC bladder wrapped in an equally heavy-duty full nylon cover with zipper, the Slingshot features thick double-webbing foam handles with padded knuckle guards, pull-up straps for easy re-boarding, and a self-bailing drain vent.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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