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    new to seadoo world... need help... thanks...

    my friend own a 2014 rxp-x
    he wanna go faster...

    but he ride every week-end...
    ski is 2014 and has already 90 hours...

    I think only minor mods for him...

    we have just installed:

    - SCOM
    - Pro series water box with rear exhaust kit
    ski is now at 70.2 mph (garmin gps)

    we are ready to order and install
    - intake manifold upgrade kit
    - catch can engine breather kit
    - power filter kit with cold air upgrade

    - maybe fizzle intercooler

    do we have to monitor AFR with these mods?

    we will run with oem ecu oem fuel pressure oem injectors...

    what about speed... what do we have to expect from these minor mods?

    we are looking for a very reliable recreational ski with a speed near to 75 mph and the best handling for little circuit race.



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    Too bad you didn't ask here before purchasing the SCOM.
    You should use the SCOM money on something like a V-tech tune.
    I'm running the 8375 AGR on otherwise stock ski. Huge difference.

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    get the vtec system with data loging with those other mods and that will get you at least 5 mph more
    change valve springs and retainers and you should be close to 80

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    But if you do stay the course you have planned (using the stock tune), then you should be ok without monitoring.

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    never trust a tune until you check it yourself
    and the stock tune is stuck at 70....period
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    You can do all you want, but with the SCOM you pretty much have hit its limit.

    Remember with SCOM you still have the boost limited and the RPM is still limited.

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