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Thread: 2014 FZR Seat

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    2014 FZR Seat

    Hey guys, I'm new the the FZR ownership (jumped the 2 stroke ship). I have a question on the seat.

    I like the Jettrim covers for the older FZR with the different seat shape. Do you guys think I can use an older FZR seat cover and trim down that extra seat height to achieve the same look ? Or are they starkly different.

    Thanks in advance !

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    Just call jet trim and tell them what you want..

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    Mike... just fyi.
    Gary (Hart), founder/owner of
    Jettrim, unfortunately passed
    away a week ago. Business will
    continue in the tradition of
    Jettrim (best of the best) I’m told,
    but this hit pretty hard as Gary,
    Kelly and their employees
    operated like a family. Talk to
    Kelly or Jackson for your needs.
    I'm sure they will accommodate
    Figured you’d want to be aware.
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    Thanks guys, yeah I'm probably not going to ask Kelly to make a special pattern for me but I will ask if they have made more other than what is on the site already. She has alot on her plate right now I'm sure. The thing I like about the other FZR seats covers are the patterns. I'll try calling after the holidays and asking for Jackson and see if he has any feedback / suggestions.

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    Hey Mike and everyone...
    Just spoke with Kelly and Jettrim is absolutely 110%
    and welcoming all orders custom, standard, whatever.
    So don’t hesitate to call them with your wish list.
    ‘Tis the season’... Happy Holidays!

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    I have an o9 seat with the jettrim if interested and u can keep or sell your other seat

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