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    Issue with 98 seadoo speedster

    Nm, it's fixed.
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    Try swamping the pluggs plug the starboard button into the port harness and visversa atleast you'll be sble to rule out the buttons

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    need to know a little history on the boat for a reasonable suggestion. I'd avoid swapping any electricals. The mpem are discontinued for that model and used ones sell for big bucks.

    what I suspect is (sorry) an mpem fault that does not recognize that the engine is actually running.

    you seeing a tach reading (if that model has a tach)

    the stator may have problems as if memory serves the mpem is looking for a/c pulses from the stator as an indication of engine running.

    my first step after checking all harness plugs would be to measure the a/c output on the suspect engine.

    now if you just picked up the boat..we have to take another route.

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    Sounds to be the mpem.. Do the swap between motors and if its the same on the other side it is the mpem...
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