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    high idle now and again. ICV?

    Hi guys, I managed to take my ski out after I replaced the valves yesterday and it felt so smooth! I'm so happy with how the build went! A big thanks to the guys who made the video on how to perform this as I would not of taken on the task with out that to hand.

    anyways I purchased the ski a few months ago with 18hrs on it (2004 185sc GTX LTD) it had a few problems being an "oil sensor" on the cluster. ( I replaced the oil sensor on the back of the block when I changed out the valves and that fixed that problem) and the other problem I noticed was when out for a while it would start to idle high to around 2400rpm - 3000rpm! It would say jump up to 3000rpm then if I bliped the throttle it would jump down to 2000rpm. Then the odd time it would haunt, so for example stay at 2000rpm for around 5-10 seconds then jump up to 2400rpm and hold for a few seconds then back down to 2100rpm and hold for a while then back up to 3000rpm. I totally forgot about this problem until yesterday as I was out testing it after the valve change and it was running awesome! I only noticed it again as when I came to flush the ski on the trailer when I got home it was idling at around 2400rpm and haunting now and again.

    I I take it this would be the ICV, Or could it be anything else?

    thanks jamie

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    I am not familiar with the 2004 185sc GTX LTD; but if it was my 2006 Gti, I would replace the TPS (throttle position sensor).

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