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    Real Review: JetPilot Flight Lace Up Race Boots

    It’s a small point of pride that we at The Watercraft Journal have that we only do our product reviews on items that we actually get our hands on. Be it our monthly personal watercraft reviews or write-ups on the various bits of riding apparel or various products, you can rest assured that what we’re writing about has been in our hands long enough to warrant a full-length review. Earlier in the year, we got our hands on a whole bunch of JetPilot gear and have been logically spacing them out to give us the most time possible.

    Today’s review of Jetpilot’s Flight Lace Up Race Boot has been a long time coming, but we really wanted to beat on these all season long before publishing a review. Right off the bat, we need to address one major misnomer: these are not boots. These are shoes. Boots by definition lace high up over the ankle, offering some joint support. When compared to other brands’ boots, the lack of ankle support of the Flight boot is a little disappointing.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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    I've had a pair of these for a while now, like 3 years or so and they still pretty much look new. No signs of wear anywhere really. Now that I have a Spark I have zero need or desire to put in traction mats because these shoes offer more than enough grip in the footwells.

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    I have them ... starting my 4th year of racing with these ... they are holding up well

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