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    When rebuilding an MR1 you should also replace...?

    I am in the process of tear down an rebuild of an MR1 from a 2002 VX140. The engine seized due to the PO parking for two year w/o winterizing. The crank/rod bearing surfaces look good, but the cam shows a little more wear than I would really like. Without replaceable bearings what can you do in the event of cam abrasion?

    My current parts list will include:
    Pistons/Rings for all cylinders
    Main/Rod bearing kit
    Gasket kit

    Should I also replace?:
    Timing Chain
    Oil pump

    Thanks for your input. This is my first 4 stroke build....I miss the two stokes already.

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    While ya are there might as well replace those. And yes I do miss two stroke it's easy to rebuild I'm working on swap engine in my 07 fxho it's challenge project.

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